The IAD The Movement Conference is an annual dance conference where dancers of all levels, ages, and styles can come together and display their passion or "never concealing energy," while learning, networking, and growing in an environment free of judgement in order to maximize freedom of expression. The event includes workshops, panel discussions, showcase, and an open session dancers can participate in.


Dancers of all ages and levels have the opportunity to take classes in a variety of styles from the best up and coming dancers to learn choreography, techniques, concepts, and movement that will help them build their own character and style as a dancer.



Professionals in various industries will discuss topics intended to increase knowledge and understanding to help build a successful dance career. 



We’re providing a stage to perform and showcase who you are as a dancer. Then to end the conference, we're bringing everyone together music blasting for a big dance off with no judges, no restrictions, just straight passion. 



Stay tuned for details around the IAD The Movement Conference 2016!